Vaginal Skin Tag – Learn About Different Removal Methods

29 September 2012

skin tagsGenerally vaginal skin tags are not considered as a serious medical issue that requires immediate treatment; however, because of its location majority of women wants to get rid of them as soon as possible because it can affect their personal relationships with their partners. There is no doubt whatsoever that vaginal skin tags are one of the most difficult to deal with and embarrassing types of skin growth. People also have misconception about them that they are sexually transmitted diseases that spreads when you have intercourse with a person who already have them, which is not true because any type of skin tags are not contagious, therefore they cannot be spread from one person to another. However, it is always a wise decision to get skin tags examined by a dermatologist just avoid the chances of turning them into something more serious, such as cancerous skin tags or genital warts.

Causes of Vaginal Skin Tags Formation – Even though there are several reasons that may cause the formation of skin tags at any part of the body, but there are few common ones that usually cause them, some of which include:

During The Pregnancy Period – Pregnancy period generally leads to excessive amount of hormones production and because of that hormonal imbalance may cause the development of vaginal skin tags, warts and moles.

After Pregnancy Period – As you are aware of the fact that at the time of delivery the skin surface around and inside the vagina is stretched excessively and after pregnancy it tries to go back to its normal shape, which may lead to formation of vaginal skin tags.

Undergarment Friction – Although it is not a common reason, but there are still some proven cases in which it was found that people who have excessive amount of fat accumulated on their vaginal area may develop skin tags. Because of this problem their underwear will rub against the skin folds and that eventually lead to vaginal skin tag development.

Are Vaginal Skin Tags Dangerous and Cancerous?

Under normal medical circumstances if the uneven skin growth is diagnosed to be a skin tag then there is nothing to worry about regardless of their formation location. Generally all types of skin tags are benign which means they are not cancerous therefore there are no serious health related problems that you need to worry about. However, as aforementioned it is extremely vital to get your skin tags thoroughly examined and diagnosed by professional skin care experts to avoid unnecessary genital growths that are a lot more serious compared to skin tags.

Vaginal Skin Tag Removal Methods

So how do you remove them? Well, there are several different methods available when it comes to removing vaginal or any type of skin tags. Given below are some of them…

Skin Tag Removal Creams – These days you don’t have to go for surgeries for removing skin tags, warts or moles because you can simply use natural skin tag removal cream such as Dermatend, because they are quite effective and very simple to use at home. Majority of people recommend such creams because by using them you can save money and you can remove you vaginal skin tags at home if you are not comfortable with removing them by a dermatologist.

Excision Method – Excision is a medical treatment procedure in which the dermatologist will remove the skin tag by cutting it away from the skin surface. It is generally done with local or general anesthetic.

Cryotherapy Treatment – In this method liquid nitrogen is injected into the skin tag to completely freeze the skin and when it is frozen it fall off on its own. This method can be very painful; therefore dermatologist would ask you to get it done with local or general anesthesia.

Laser skin tag removal treatment – This is the most expensive treatment available for removing Vaginal skin tags because of high end equipment used in this method. However if you can afford then it is extremely fast and efficient method you can opt for.