Painful Moles – Are They Cancerous?

13 July 2012

Generally every other person will have mole formed on the skin at some time of his/her life, but the good news is that majority of them do not cause harm to our health and not every other type of mole is cancerous. To some of us it might be an embarrassment issue, while it is also seen as a beauty spot if a woman has a mole on her facial area. Therefore, perception about moles may vary from one person to another. That being said, at times mole can also become painful and cause severe itching problems. If you are also noticing similar symptoms and signs with your moles, then you should immediately consult to your dermatologist about it.

Painful Moles: A Sign of Melanoma Skin Cancer?

Lack of scientific research data and publicly published reports makes it very difficult to answer this question, particularly when we don’t have much information about particular type of mole and its history; therefore it becomes even more important to get assistance from a dermatologist or a skin cancer specialist doctor as soon as possible when you are feeling pain and itching in your mole. We suggest you to always consult with your doctor before trying any home remedy or natural cure that you will find online, because you cannot take risk when it comes to your health.

Common reasons associated with painful moles…

Accidental Catching – It can happen anytime without a person being aware of it. For instance while sleeping it may happen and it feels like a fairly innocuous knock.

Rubbing With Clothes – Sometime when you wear tight clothes they may rub your mole and that can be very painful. Accidently getting your moles rubbed with clothes or fashion accessories you wear can aggravate it and worsen the condition.

Hair Removal or Shaving – Shaving or using other ways of hair removal is generally the most common reason that could lead to painful moles. If you accidentally cut your mole while shaving, it may not bleed but will definitely cause pain and itching.

Mole Hair – Those who have small hair grown on their moles, that can also create painful moles and they are one of the most painful ones that you will have to deal with. Even though hair growth on moles is very rare to happen, but when it happens it can cause severe itching.

Regarding painful moles, one of the most crucial things to remember is that in almost every other case pain and itching caused by various reasons that are not serious and generally the pain will start to reduce and go away in few days or a week. However, if pain remains the same and prolong for more than 2-3 weeks then you should immediately examine your mole by a professional skin care doctor, because it may be a warning symptom of something is wrong.

What You Can Do About It?

In case you are also facing similar aforementioned signs and symptoms with your mole then it is very important to grasp basic information and understanding about what other factors you should be looking for, given below are some of them…

Accidentally knocked your mole? – It is important to know that has it been caught, rubbed or knocked while sleeping or wearing clothes? If your answer is yes then this is the reason why it is causing pain. In that situation, your best possible option is to seek assistance from a skin care doctor to either completely remove your mole or apply a healing cream.

Is your mole bleeding? – If your mole is bleeding and you know that it has not been knocked off from the skin, then this can be seen a definite sign of something is surely not right, and this is probably the time to get your mole examined by a dermatologist.

When you press your mole does it hurt? – It’s a medically proven fact that moles should never pain or hurt when pressed, therefore if that happens, moles should be thoroughly checked and tested to see if everything if alright.

Cracks and roughness – Even if your mole is causing pain, the upper skin surface of the mole should be smooth in appearance. That being said, if you notice your mole is cracked, then it can be considered as an early sign of a problem that should be immediately treated.

Itchy Moles – Generally moles are not supposed to itch, therefore if are feeling itchiness and burning like sensation on your mole, then it should be your priority to get it examined and start with a proper treatment prescribed by your doctor.