Detailed Dermatend Reviews – Does It Really Work?

24 April 2012

Skin tag removal by using creams, essential oils, and different others products can be a difficult challenge for those who wants to get rid of their skin tags at home with natural methods only because there are hundreds of products and solutions available on the market for skin tags removal, and selecting one product out of them can be confusing. Thanks to those thousands of genuine Dermatend skin tag removal cream reviews by their happy and satisfied customers, because it has made our selection a lot easier to give it a try and see its effective results.

Powerful ultra version (Extra Strength) of Dermatend is a natural scientific formula or we can say a remedy that is developed to completely and permanently remove skin tags from your skin without leaving scars and skin rashes. It is made with 100% natural ingredients which ensure that there will be no side effects after successful skin-tag removal. As an organic product it works with the process of directly penetrating deep into the mole skin and after eliminating bacteria that forms the skin tag, it starts with the healing process, which leads to a successful removal.

How Exactly It Works?

Please read more at our instructions page for detailed and step by step procedure. Using Dermatend is very simple and anyone can do it at home by following their user instructions. The procedure starts with scratching the skin tag with emery board (comes in the package) so that the cream can easily go inside the skin-tag and to let the ingredients work effectively. After scratching and rubbing the skin-tag, you will have to clean the skin surface with hot water and antiseptic liquid and dry the skin area with  cloth to make sure there is no water left on the skin-tag, otherwise it may stop the cream to go inside skin-tag’s skin layer. After this step you can now gently apply the cream and keep it for minimum 40 to 60 minutes. After completing this step, in next 16-24 hours you will see a scab forming which should fall off in 2-3 days and then the healing process starts. (It may take more than 2-3 days for scab to form, because it depends on the size, shape and type of moles).

Carefully following step by step directions and instruction provided by Dermatend is strictly required in order to make this treatment work for you, otherwise you will only see little or no results. It is important because ingredient present in skin-tag removal cream must penetrate in the tag’s skin layer, where the bacteria or virus is causing the problem.

Ingredients: The main ingredients used in this formula are vegetable glycerine, Sanguinera Canadensis, mineral salts, distilled water and bloodroot. They are all medically approved ingredients that are side effects free.

How fast and effectively does It work?

Unlike other skin tag removal products and solutions that take more than 2-3 weeks to deliver results, Dermatend is one of the fastest solutions to completely remove skin-tags and in fact majority of it’s users have reported effective results within 2-3 days. On the other hand Dermatend’s Extra Strength version is tested recently to work even faster. However, effectiveness and fast skin tag removal results with it depends a lot on the mole’s size.

Cost and Money Back Guarantee

Thinking about buying Dermatend? But where can you buy it? We recommend all our readers to buy it from their official website. Their Regular pack would cost you $39.95 which is very reasonable given the fact that it delivers results that it claims. However we recommend buying Extra Strength DermaTend Ultra because it works a lot faster compared to their basic version. It would cost you $69.95, but worth the price. Biggest advantage of buying it from their official online store website is that you can use their 50% OFF discount offer that they provide online occasionally. So why not save money if you can with this offer? Click here to redeem your 50% discount offer and buy it directly from their website.

They also provide you a full 60 day money back guarantee. So you can try it for free and if you will not be satisfied with results, then you can always ask for refund, which generally doesn’t happen due to quality and effectiveness of the product. That being said, their official website is also verified by the US online TRUST GUARD certificate, so that their customer can safely and freely shop at their website.

You will also get the same 60 day full refund money back guarantee with Dermatend ultra. Even though you will have to pay more to purchase ultra pack, but it works faster and in 99% cases you will only require one application to completely eradicate moles and skin tags.

User instructions, directions and how to use it

As aforementioned, It comes with a user manual and instruction guide to use it step by step for fast and effective results. They are easy to implement and anyone can use it at home. To use it, first of all you have to clean the skin surface around the skin tags that you want to eradicate. We recommend you to clean your skin tags and surrounding skin area with an antibacterial soap or antiseptic liquid. You should also ensure that you have cleaned and disinfected the scratching tool (emery board) you are using and then follow the instruction provided in the user manual to scratch the mole. Soon after that process, you can now gently apply the cream, and make sure that you only apply to the skin tag, and do not spread it over the surrounding skin area. Soon after applying you will notice itching and stinging feeling, which indicates that the ingredients present in the cream have started to work.

After that process you will see formation of a scab, and then you can apply healing balm to prevent your skin from infection. You should use bandage to protect the scab and also make sure you keep that area dry to heal faster.


Biggest plus point of Dermatend is that it is fast to react and help you to remove skin tags in no time whatsoever. With no side effects ever reported, it is easily the best solution available for skin-tag removal at present and because it is an organically developed natural formula, it has become the number #1 choice for those who want to get rid of their skintags naturally at home. No matter if your moles are big or small it works effectively and in almost 3 days you can expect satisfying results. Dermatend’s core formula only uses natural ingredients that are approved by several clinical research organizations, so there are no chances for side effects.

Price of Dermatend is also major factor behind the popularity of this product, because it is reasonable, very affordable and in fact it is a lot cheaper compared to expensive laser surgeries or a treatment provided by dermatologists.


The biggest issue with this product is that it is not available at local departmental stores and beauty products shops, so the only way to buy it is via their online official website. Other issue with it is that you have to strictly follow the instructions to get the best possible results, otherwise you will have to do the entire procedure again until the mole is completely removed. Therefore make sure you follow the user guide carefully. Other than these small points, there are not too many cons or disadvantages to mention.

Dermatend Ultra

Dermatend Ultra is simply a more effective, powerful and extra strength version of this formula. Their regular version takes 3-4 days to remove skin tags but with ultra you can expect effective overnight results after applying it once. So if you want fast results and have more than 6-7 skin tags to remove, then Dermatend Ultra is an ideal option for you.

Comparison With Laser and Cryosurgery Methods

Cryo/freezing skin tags eradication technique is not able to penetrate into the skin, and because of that it is a less effective method, compared to Dermatend that is created specifically to penetrate deep into the skin tags and destroy the virus that is responsible for skin-tag formation on our skin. On the other side laser removal surgery can also be used but it is the most expensive solution, it is a painful treatment and it can also leave scars and rashes on your skin after skintag removal. However, with Dermatend you don’t have to worry about any side effects, painful treatments, scars and rashes.

Customer Reviews

As a consumer we also like to read and search for real consumer reviews before purchasing any product, no matter if it’s an electronic product or a natural skin tags removal treatment product like Dermatend. Consumer posted reviews of Dermatend are some of the most positive and satisfying ones we have found in recent past. Majority of its users who purchased and used it, have given it 4.5 stars on average and we haven’t found a single review where it was not able to deliver any results at all. Many individuals prefer to buy Dermatend because it is an affordable and cheapest option available for them compared to laser removal treatment. We believe that it provides excellent return in terms of value for money spent on this skin tag removal solution.

Review Summary & Conclusion

If you have decided to buy Dermatend, and asking yourself if it really works or it is a just another scam product, then we would like to say that it is one of those rare solutions that delivers what it claims. It is side effects free, made with natural ingredients, its effective, fast and most of all you can remove your skin tags with ease at your home. In terms of value for money and cost of Dermatend, it is reasonably priced product. We recommend it to all our visitors. Give it a try, and experience the results yourself. Thank you for taking time and reading this review, we hope we helped you in your search for perfect skin tags remover product. All the very best!

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